is a website that Contains Information about people places things products here we are how we use our users information. 

Information and data on

We are an informative website sometime information could be right sometimes it could be wrong we does not take responsibility for any information posted on this website we just take this information from internet and try to give you all information at one time in a single place to save time of our user's that's all our work is if the information is wrong and misspelled Or You are the owner of the information or it's about you contact us from contact us page of we will Remove it immediately. 

Do we use our Users Information? 

Not we Don't use just that we use all the trusted platform like blogger and Google AdSense for advertising they could have used any of your information that is not us who is using your information you can visit their website for more info.

We are Really Sorry if we have Hurted you from doing anything or writing about you.

There is a-lot of information posted on our website some about people some about places if we have every mentioned you or not and " anything anything " done by us cause you difficulty or you are hurt please forgive us and you can Contact us on our Contact us page to remove your information.

Thanks GreatGuidez Team..