The new Turkish drama series has been released and it's on air just like others this series episode is also been getting released in one week difference. this series is about a lawyer-broken family and their lives and how they survive you can watch the Aldatmak drama series on youtube and it's also coming out in eng subtitles on unofficial third-party websites. people are liking the cast of Aldatmak and want to know their real names so here we are Aldatmak's actor and actress cast real name is right after this paragraph of greatguidez.

Real name of cast actors and actress of Aldatmak  :

character 1 : .Güzide Real name is Vahide Perçin 

character 2:.Sezai real name is Ercan Kesal

character 3 :

Ozan 's real name is Yusuf Çim

character 4:

.Elmas Heves's real name is Defne Samyeli

character 5 :

Handan re Seyran Aksoy

character 6 :

Tarik 's real name is Mustafa Ugurlu

character 9:

Oltan 's real name is Cem Bender

character 10:

Oylum 's real name is Feyza Sevil Güngör

character 11.

Tolga 's real name is Caner Sahin

character 12.

Yesim 's real name is Asena Girisken

character 13.

Ümit Real name is Cem Sürgit

character 14.

Nazan 's real name is Meltem Baytok

character 15.

Lara 's real name is Hatice Deniz

character 16.

Selin 's real name is Burcu Söyler

character 17.

Real name is Merve Altinkaya

character 18.

Real name is Kerem Muslugil

character 19.

Real name is Esin Akdogan

character 20.

Real name is Neyra Kayabasi

Aldatmak  bolum / episode 1  : 

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