If you were looking for the Turkish drama Yali Capkini cast's real name with their images you are on the right page scroll down and get the actor and actress's real names who worked/are casted in Turkish drama Yali Capkini

real name of Turkish drama Yali Capkini's actress and actor

Yali Capkini drama's story is all about a forced marriage converter into an adorable couple who fell for watch other after a few days of marriage

Here are the main and the side actors of this beautiful Turkish Drama Yali Capkini 

The main female lead whose name was Seyran her name in real life is Afra Saraçoglu.

Seyran's image : 
real name of Seyran's  in Yali Capkini
Afra Saraçoglu.

and opposite of our main female lead, the male lead in the drama whose name was Ferit His name in real life is Mert Ramazan Demir.

Here's Ferit's image : 
Ferit's real name cast of  Yali Capkini
Mert Ramazan Demir.

Ifakat's name in real life is Gülçin Santircioglu 

Gülçin Santircioglu 

Orhan in Yali Capkini drama his real name is Emre Altug

Emre Altug

the Female actress Suna Yali Capkini drama's real name is Beril Pozam

Beril Pozam

Gülgün's real name is Diren Polatogullari 

Diren Polatogullari 

Abidin's real name is Ersin Arici 

Ersin Arici 

Fuat's real name is Dogukan Polat

Dogukan Polat

Asuman's real name is Öznur Serçeler

Öznur Serçeler

Sultan's real name is Irem Altug

Irem Altug

Esme's real name is Sezin Bozaci

Sezin Bozaci

Sefika's real name is Hülya Duyar

Hülya Duyar

Latif's real name is Yigit Tuncay

Yigit Tuncay

Pelin's real name is Buçe Buse Kahraman

Buçe Buse Kahraman

Dicle's real name is Selen Özbayrak 

Selen Özbayrak 

Yusuf's real name is Umut Gezer

Umut Gezer

Hattuç's real name is Serif Sezer

Serif Sezer

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