This page has the Real name of actors and actresses who worked and were cast in the Turkish drama Sifirinci Gun also the photos are attached with their real names.

Sifirinci Gun Turkish Drama's cast real name with photo

The Sifirinci Gun Turkish Series was released on December 28, 2022, it's all about crime and thrill drama and has7 Turkish cops chasing some mysterious goons there will be cops falling in love and much more with the drama let's go ahead with our cast.

  • So first of all main female lead's character name is Nisan and her name in real life is Aybüke Pusat. 

Nisan Image :

Aybüke Pusat. 

  • The male star lead the character Özgür is a cop and his real name is the star Engin Öztürk.  

Özgür Image :

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Mert's real name is Berk Cankat 

Berk Cankat 

  • Sifirinci Gun's other character Selin her real name is Damla Colbay 

Damla Colbay 

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Fatih's real name is Sarp Akkaya 

Sarp Akkaya 

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Eyder's real name is Yigit Özsener

Yigit Özsener

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Bilge's real name is Cagla Irmak

Cagla Irmak

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Aydemir's real name is Turgay Tanülkü

Turgay Tanülkü

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Gönül's real name is Esra Rusan

Esra Rusan

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Kadir's real name is Adnan Biricik 

Adnan Biricik 

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Tuna's real name is Ugur Uzunel

Ugur Uzunel

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Ali Müdür's real name is Demir Karahan 

Demir Karahan 

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Sirtlan's real name is Savas Özdemir

Savas Özdemir

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Murat's real name is Ahmet Pinar  

Ahmet Pinar

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Ferhat's real name is Ersin Olgaç

Ersin Olgaç

  • Sifirinci Gun's character Meriç's real name is Mert Carim 

Mert Carim 

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