here we have his time  Free Fire advertisment Girl name Freefire has relesed a new advertisment as Their Deewali Video. watch the Advertisent below or scroll down to know her name it's written after the Advertisment.

Free Fire Advertisment : 

The name of the actress apperared in the upper posted Advertisment is here :

Mahima Mehta 

Mahima Mehta instagram id : @mahimamehtaofficial

she is actress she has many movies she apperared in and with that she apperared in Haq se Web series beside this advertisment she was casted in many other ads few are posted below . her other ad include City Gold Advertisment.   she even casted as Advertisment Actress in Pakistni Advertisment for Dabur aamla .

Mahima Mehta other Advertisments : 

video i liked : 

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