BRU COFFEE TV Advertisement CAST / Girl Model / Actress Name With Photo

Here We are Discussing Another Advertisement But This Time We have an Ad that Everyone has Seen and I am Sure You all Wanna Know The Name OF that Women Actress Girl Who was Doing The Wife's Role in The BRU COFFEE Ad 

BRU COFFEE Advertisement  CAST ACTRESS / Girl Name :-  

BRU COFFEE Advertisement  CAST

The Girl Means the Women in this Ad Who is The Wife of a Guy in BRU Coffee Ad her name is Chitra Shukla

Chitra Shukla's Instagram ID :- chitrashuklaofficial

BRU COFFEE Advertisement Explained  :- 

This Ad Is Based On the Conversation of a Wife and His Husband The Wife is Going Her Hometown To Spend Some Time With Her Mother that's Why His Husband Got Surprised and Ask For a Cup of Tea But his Wife Enters To the Kitchen and Strat Making BRU Coffee Instead of Tea When She Go to The Husband and Hand Him the Cup of BRU Coffee He Asked Why did You made Coffee When I asked You For Tea the Smiled and Replied that you'll need More Energy To Pick up My luggage That's Why I made You Cup Of BRU Coffee.
After Having Coffee the Husband Go and Grab the Luggage within a Second .

Than The Tag Line Arrives When Tea is is't Enough Drink BRU Instant Coffee.